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The Theme: alienSlot

Name: alienSlot [Show more] Type: Variable Category: The Theme Summary: Slots for up to three aliens that are ready to start moving towards the town
Each slot contains the following: * If the slot contains a negative number, then the slot is empty * Otherwise the slot contains the number of the alien in that slot (0 to 7) Each slot is associated with one of the alien objects: the first slot is for object ID 30, the second for object ID 31, and the third for object ID 32. We refer to these as slots 30, 31 and 32. Note that each alien in a slot has its own object associated with it (via the alienObjectId table) that is used for displaying the alien, but when an alien finishes feeding and starts to get ready for flying, it is also associated with the special alien objects 30 to 33. Slot 30 contains dormant aliens, slots 31 and 32 contain feeding aliens and those that are waiting for slot 33 to free up, and slot 33 (at alienToMove) contains the alien that's moving towards the town (only one alien can attack at any one time).
.alienSlot EQUB &6C \ The alien number associated with object ID 30 EQUB &6B \ The alien number associated with object ID 31 EQUB &6A \ The alien number associated with object ID 32 \ \ Zeroed in ResetVariables