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Flight model: ApplyFlightModel (Part 3 of 7)

Name: ApplyFlightModel (Part 3 of 7) [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Flight model Summary: If we are near to an exploding alien, apply turbulence Deep dive: The flight model Explosions and turbulence
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: No direct references to this subroutine in this source file

This part does the following: * If we are near an exploding alien, calculate the amount of turbulence and apply it to the (xControlsSc, yControlsSc, zControlsSc) vector, as follows: * Set the level of turbulence in the range 0 to 1920, to be inversely proportional to the distance from the explosion (so it is 0 if we are far away, 1920 if we are very close). * We randomly add or subtract this amount from each axis (with each axis being individually signed randomly), to give: xControlsSc = xControlsSc +/- turbulence / 2 yControlsSc = yControlsSc +/- turbulence / 2 zControlsSc = zControlsSc +/- turbulence / 2
LDA hitTimer \ If the hit timer is zero, then there are no exploding BEQ fmod3 \ aliens, so jump to fmod3 to skip this part \ We now apply turbulence to the plane by applying a \ random amount to xControlsSc, yControlsSc and \ zControlsSc, with the random amount being positive or \ negative, and with a larger magnitude the closer we \ are to the alien LDX #&6A \ Set X so in the following loop, the call to AddScaled \ updates xControlsSc, yControlsSc and zControlsSc, one \ on each iteration of the loop \ \ The comments below are for xControlsSc .fmod2 JSR NextRandomNumber \ Set A to point to the next item in the randomNumbers \ list TAY \ Set P to the next random number from the list LDA randomNumbers+1,Y STA P LDA distanceFromHit \ If distanceFromHit >= 16, jump to fmod3 to skip the CMP #16 \ following, as we are too far from the exploding alien BCS fmod3 \ to feel the effects EOR #&0F \ As A < 16, this flips the value of A so instead of \ being in the range 0 to 15, it's reversed to the \ range 15 to 0 - so A is now 15 if we are really close \ to the exploding alien, or 0 if we are further away ASL A \ Double the value of A, so it's in the range 0 to 30, \ with the number being higher the closer we are to the \ exploding alien LSR P \ We set P to a random number above, so this sets the C \ flag randomly, so the call to AddScaled randomly adds \ or subtracts the amount of turbulence in A LDY #1 \ Set the scale factor in Y so we add or subtract \ (A 0) >> 2, which is in the range 0 to 1920, as \ (30 0) >> 2 is 1920 JSR AddScaled \ Set xControlsSc = xControlsSc +/- (A 0) >> 2 \ \ So this changes xControlsSc by an amount in the range \ 0 to 1920, with a higher amount the closer we are to \ the exploding alien, with the sign being random (i.e. \ it is random whether we add or subtract the amount, \ but the amount itself is not random) INX \ Increment the value of X so the next iteration updates \ the next of xControlsSc, yControlsSc and zControlsSc CPX #&6D \ Loop back until we have applied turbulence to all BNE fmod2 \ three axes