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To-do list

I have documented every byte of the Aviator game code, but that doesn't mean that I've fully understood every byte (though it's close). Almost every single aspect of the code is explained, but there are a few issues that could benefit from another look.

This page lists all of the outstanding issues of which I am aware. These are the notes I made as I analysed the source, so they are fairly terse and might not be terribly clear.


  • alienObjectId: Clarify what's in alienObjectId - the location is the field object, but aliens are drawn using their own blueprint, see SpawnAlien etc.
  • SetObjectCoords (Part 4 of 11), (Part 6 of 11), (Part 7 of 11), (Part 10 of 11): How do object groups 6-9 and 30 work?
  • MakeEngineSound: Sounds+60 jumps up/down by 1 all the time, giving a 'throb' to the sound. This is done in MakeEngineSound, regularly, but not sure how it happens. It's because zVelocityHi/Lo in &0C8B/&0C8E "bounces", which changes sound. So why the bounce?


  • GetRadarVector: The direction bits in GetRadarVector are flipped in an EOR, but why?
  • ArtificialHorizon: Explain ArtificialHorizon algorithm and indicatorLineJ

Flight model

Drawing lines