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Aviator on the BBC Micro

Flight model: AdjustVelocity

Name: AdjustVelocity [Show more] Type: Subroutine Category: Flight model Summary: Adjust the plane's velocity vector
Context: See this subroutine in context in the source code References: This subroutine is called as follows: * ApplyFlightModel (Part 6 of 7) calls AdjustVelocity

This routine adjusts the plane's velocity vector by adding a 16-bit signed vector to each axis of the plane's velocity vector. Specifically, it does the following for each of the three axes (x, y and z): (xVelocityTop xVelocityHi xVelocityLo) += (dxVelocityHi dxVelocityLo) * 2 so that's: [ xVelocity ] [ xVelocity ] [ dxVelocity ] [ yVelocity ] = [ yVelocity ] + [ dyVelocity ] * 2 [ zVelocity ] [ zVelocity ] [ dzVelocity ] where (dxVelocity dyVelocity dzVelocity) is a vector made up of signed 16-bit numbers and (xVelocity zVelocity zVelocity) is a vector made up of signed 24-bit numbers.
.AdjustVelocity LDX #2 \ Set a counter in X to work through the three axes (the \ comments below cover the iteration for the x-axis) .avel1 LDA #0 \ Set R = 0, to use as the top byte in (R A V) STA R LDA dxVelocityLo,X \ Set (A V) = (dxVelocityHi dxVelocityLo) STA V \ = dxVelocity LDA dxVelocityHi,X BPL avel2 \ If (A V) is negative, decrement R to &FF so it has the DEC R \ correct sign for (R A V) .avel2 ASL V \ Set (R A V) = (R A V) << 1 ROL A \ = dxVelocity * 2 ROL R PHA \ Store the high byte on the stack, so we can retrieve \ it below LDA xVelocityLo,X \ Set xVelocity = xVelocity + (R A V) CLC \ = xVelocity + dxVelocity * 2 ADC V \ STA xVelocityLo,X \ starting with the low bytes PLA \ And then the high bytes, retrieving the high byte ADC xVelocityHi,X \ that we stored on the stack above STA xVelocityHi,X LDA xVelocityTop,X \ And then the top bytes ADC R STA xVelocityTop,X DEX \ Decrement the loop counter to move to the next axis BPL avel1 \ Loop back until we have processed all three axes RTS \ Return from the subroutine